The Linchpin – Seth Godin

The Linchpin – Seth Godin – book review
Did i tell you that i like Seth’s books? Well, i do.
This one is about you. Reading by itself does not change your particular world, but it does open your mind to new possibilities.
All of us have different abilities, different interests. The funny thing is, like Ray Dalio says, you are operating under false assumptions. So, in order to understand where you are of most value to the world, you have to embrace the fact that you belong here, you matter, and you have a distinct ability that the world needs. But you have to nurture it. The reason the Champ is the Champ, is because he works at it more than everyone else, so he becomes great. Unless you believe that working for someone else for a while might open a few doors for you, work for yourself. Invest in yourself as much as possible, so you can become a Linchpin. Someone that is so valuable to Society that you can’t be ignored. Be a Linchpin not another cog.

You can get this book here.

Be Great, nothing else pays,


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