A gift to my Children book summary

Jim Rogers is one of the greatest investors of all time.

He wrote this book, because he postponed being a father earlier. Now that is a proud papa of 2 young daughters, he created this book as a gift to his children.

You will find valuable advice in life and in business by the timeless pearls of wisdom that Jim wrote in this wonderful book.

The most important one, at least for me, is the fact of the importance of you preservating your own personality, and that finding one’s passion later in life, doesn’t matter. You are never too old to find your passion and start over. What you have to do is give it all you have got and go for it.

People tend to take shortcuts and not dig in. This is another one. Analysts don’t read the MD&A(that is: Management, Discussion and Analysis), and really do their homework, because people have this common bias of just skimming the surface. Go all in. Dig in. Always ask yourself if what you are doing is what other people are doing, or are you taking an extra step in what you are doing. You will find out that if you put in the extra effort, you will start getting ahead, because that is not what most people are doing.

Most people are lazy, looking for handouts, and as soon as the clock ticks the 5 or 6pm they just want to go home and don’t care. Jobs are for lazy people that don’t want to invest in themselves. Unless you are looking for a learning experience, never be selfish, and have a mediocre mentality of just get by. If that is your standard, you will never get ahead in life. People that really want to raise their standards of life, and put themselves in a position to get what they want, they have to be all in. Not a bit of fear in their minds.

What you want lives on the other side of fear. You have to face it and fight.

Don’t follow others. Don’t please others. Be yourself. Take care of yourself. You will make it go right.

This works for everybody. When you stand up for yourself, your thoughts and beliefs, you will make it.

I love this book. It is wonderful how you can learn from such a master. Some really important life’s questions that all of us face from time to time are answered in this book by this really wise man.

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