​Below you will find what i use to record the podcast and put this site together. All the gear and software services. May all of them be useful to you.

​You can get your sites, domains and hosting with these guys. The chat  support is great.

​I use Libsyn to host the podcast episodes. They are responsive to any questions you might have

​Calendly gives you a website address your guests can use to schedule meetings. The meeting gets added to Google Calendar. Simple and powerful to help keep you organized.

​With Zoom you can do the video-calls. It is much better than Skype. The file gets stored for you. Clean and Simple. Get it here

​I use Getresponse for the Email Marketing. They are ver very good. It is easy to use and to setup. You can get it here

​I use Thrive Themes for this site. I don't like editing code the hard way so it is easy to use Thrice Arquitect to do the stuff you want simpler. Ypou can get it here

I use Edirol UA-25 as an interface to connect the Microphone. You can get it here

Just a simple tripod. You can get it here

I use this mixer to connect the microphone. It outputs to the audio interface that connects to the PC. You can get it here

I have a big a** computer:-). It is helpful to edit the videos and stuff really quickly. Drop me an email if you want the specs. Happy to provide them and get "Geeky" with you:-)