Confidence Game book Summary

This book is about every entrepreneur? Why?well…keep reading.

When you have this idea and go against the world to have it become a reality, the marketplace will not be open arms for you.

Bill Ackman for Pershing Square went against MBIA when he and his team, and a lot of people that did their homework understood that a financial crisis was eminent and about to put the world’s economy to it’s knees.

MBIA was not in the financial condition they said they was and Ackman understood it. So he went against everyone to get this company to the ground. Nobody listened. Nobody ever wants to answer the door. It is up to you to keep at it, until you get it. So he did.

Being an entrepreneur is a diet of failure. You give a lot of opportunities to people, but when it starts failing, in the end it is just you. You say to yourself: “I am not a failure.  But i am failing, and i designed this myself”.

It is up to you to be a wimp and quit or have the will to persist even when the world seems to be conspiring against you.

This is a great book and you will gain some different inside perspective regarding the 2008 mess.

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